The 3spas


Bonjour and Welcome to our website.


 We are the 3. Jonathan, Fabian, and Julian Largaespada. We were born and raised in the beautiful, cultural, and mysterious city of New Orleans in the robust state of Louisiana. We are here to pursue our dreams in the sport of Professional Soccer. We grew up playing in the highest levels Louisiana has to offer beginning with the recreational leagues. After enhancing our basic funadamentals we went on to try out for premier club soccer. Playing with prominent clubs and experienced coaching staff, our teams were dominating. After many practices, tournaments, and games our club days were seemingly coming to an end. Ultimately losing our coaching staff to different clubs across the nation, we lacked the professional advice and direction needed to pursue the sport at a higher level, although we each have a stint at the collegiate level.

With over a combined 30 years experience, we have formed the 3spas. As the 3 we are here to teach, learn, inspire, and enliven the sport of Soccer.

The 3spas brand has been developed to show our trust, commitment, confidence, and discipline we have as brothers and share our sense of style and lifestyle with you.    


Check back for new updates to our website.