VolleyBall Tournament

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014


100 Coconut Beach Ct.

Kenner, LA 70065

  • 5v5 : Up to 10 players on a team, 5 player minimum
  • Space for 32 Teams
  • 8 Groups: 4 Teams per Group
  • Each Team will play 3 Games
  • Top Two Teams of each group will Advance to 2nd Round
  • One Day of FUN IN THE SUN!!!!


Since the tournament will take place in one day, each game will be First Team to 25points.

Team must win by 2 points. 




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5v5 Volley Ball Tournament Dedicated to Testicular Cancer in Honor of Julian Largaespada.

Julian was diagnosed with Stage 4 Testicular Cancer this past February and has been physically and mentally battling since then. All proceeds will go directly to him. To find out more about Julian's case and to donate to him visit www.youcaring.com/julian